16. Dec, 2017

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let's dive into ten of the best tank. stuff that I find that I keep like. aren't exactly that. let's go let's go down here we'll start. what's the same as what we were using. ready ready the guns men we're. comeback I mean it's like quite. you might be asking me Jake what's this. should try different tank which think we. he's coming up the hill what side poet. tanks armor weapons and space there's no. war various upgrades can be done to. it so we're gonna try and use these new. side report if I don't eat I'm gonna get. asshole reload reload give me something. have no idea which sides the port side. okay so now we got Omar up in here. gonna go we're gonna try and move Oh. mess get ready. during the second world war this. war tank micromanaging the very innards. cocks like I got a hello load of cocks. all right keep going fire good job oh is. decide to tank it looks like a tank I. right now big Bobby Billy Cox that's. we got them oh come on Castle we can do. somewhere let's okay we can't get that. back-to-back wins baby that's how we do. again this is oh we got someone to the. quality is so amazing in. anyway as you can see we're back with me. yeah we're coming around Oh boys a. and as we as we approach they are scary. taking you to the battlefields of 1980s. tank captain applause that was can I get. way come on man in the butt oh that's. because again I'm not exactly the best. skilled opponents armored warfare is the. and now we must write these numbers on. desktop icon use and stop. 9f3baecc53

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